Membership Information
Dear friends,

Here is some info for yourself or for people you know who are interested.

VZW Count of Flanders is an independent organisation who wants to keep and improve the real Working Bouvier

*Bring people together who want a working Bouvier
*search the good dogs/ inventarisation
*giving advice in breeding
*giving pedigree info
*support breeding of Working Bouviers
*support people who work with their Bouvier
*collect info (pedigrees, photo’s, articles, video’s…)
*follow-up puppies
*help and info about education
*publishing articles
*improve social contacts (walks; parties….)  know each other
*inventarisation: who wants a Bouvier; who has one for sale
*organisation of international Bouvier Day
*make contacts with clubs
*defend the interest of the Working Bouvier at the Government of Flanders
*testing Bouviers/capacity/courage
*giving INDEPENDENT advice & info to people all over the world.


Membership Dues
Cash fees for international members please, no checks.


5 Euro per person. Extra donations will be accepted with gratitude.
Payments can be done by using an European transfer form:

Use these data  

IBAN: BE92-7470-0308-4223

For members out of the European Union: by post in a closed envelope
or with “Paypal Request to pay” send by the treasurer holder on demand


Being member of The Count of Flanders does not only mean you support the Working Bouvier, but you also get informed on regular basis about the latest news of the Bouvier World!

Do it today, and support our struggle for the Bouvier!

Advertising Rates

An advertisement (for examp. Standing at stud..) on the web site costs 20 euro for a period of one year.


A litter advertisement costs 10 euro
(stays on the web site until the pups are sold)


The ‘kennel / breeders lists’ are for free on the web site
for the members.

Membership & advertisements send to:


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Count of Flanders

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Please tell us a bit about yourself and your bouvier(s) if you have one.