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*Monday, May 12th

Dear Bouvier Lover,

Some of you asked to see a Police Dog Certification. (KNPV)

You have that opportunity at May 31 in Arnhem (Noord)- The Netherlands.

The address: Schelmseweg 111- club De Mentenberg.
Start: 09.00- biting work at 13.00

We have the luck one Bouvier will compete!!! :  Bill Freya van de Wijde Polder ( “Gabber” ) from Ari Van Rhoon-

Come and support him!

see you............


Dear friends,

Here attached some news regarding the last Berger Français and Bouviers des Flandres Challenge in French Ring sport.
The Challenge was held in France at Toul on 10 & 11 November 2012.
It is the first time that a bouvier wins the first place in ring 3 just before Beaucerons which are used to get the first places since this contest has been created !!!
On this link.. the results :

Thursday January 26 2012

Hi all,

Elli is now Finnish Working Champion.

She got that title a week ago.

It's the first bouvier working champion in IPO in Finland!    I'm so proud of her!

Elli is my best friend and a wonderful working dog.

With love,

Saija Mattila

Elli during the WC Bouviers IPO3, Denmark. Elli became second in overall standings.

Hallo dogsportfans,

March 31,2012 a day of training will be held in Nijmegen (Netherlands)
If you're a member of the Dutch Policedog Union (KNPV) and are training your Bouvier for a certificate,
please sign in for this day.
If you don't practise KNPV, but love seeing a good Bouvier at work, you're very welcome to watch.

More information can be found on the website of the organisator 'Bouvier in de KNPV'.

Saturday May 21 2011 a very unusual event took place:

3 Bouviers competing on the same day in the same KNPV PH trial and succeded!
Congratulations to all three handlers and their Bouviers.

Burt Beyer  with Actiongirl Dax of Herland (f) (owner Fokke Krottje) PH1:

Part. I  58 points  /  Part. II  17 points  /  Part. III  291 points  /  AA  7 points  /  WvV  8 points  / Total  381 c

Fokke Krottje  with Cowboy v.d. Fokrohof (m) PH1:
Part. I  53 ptn  /  Part. II  19 points  /  Part. III  309 points  /  AA  7 points  /  WvV  10 points  / Total  398 c

Teunis Kers  with Boris v.d. Veluwesprengen (m) PH1:
Part. I  61 points  /  Part. II  20 points  /  Part. III  310 points  /  AA  10 points  /  WvV  9 points  / Total  410 cl

20 Februari 2011

Nous organisons le dimanche 3 avril une journée d'entraînement près de Senlis

Announcement of an Bouvierday to be held in Senlis (Paris, France) on the third of april.

August 10, 2010

At august 9, our beloved member Ann de Belder left us after a long disease.

Ann was the wife of Willy Adriaenssens. She reached the age of 60.
She always loved the Bouvier, and got great results with her Iwan and Rakkertje.
She was one of the first members of the Count of Flanders.
We are all in pain.

Those who wish can support Willy at:

Willy Adriaenssens
Kemelstraat 346
9190 Stekene

The President
Herman de Vos

Le 9 août, notre bien-aimé et membre Ann de Belder nous a quittés après une longue maladie.
Ann a été l’épouse de Willy Adriaenssens.
Elle est devenue 60 ans.
Elle a toujours aimé le Bouvier, et a obtenu d'excellents résultats avec son Iwan et Rakkertje.
Elle a été un des premiers membres du Comte de la Flandre.
Nous sommes tous dans la douleur.

Ceux qui le souhaitent peuvent soutenir Willy à l'adresse:

Willy Adriaenssens
Kemelstraat 346
9190 Stekene

Le President
Herman de Vos


3-13-2010 there are 2 studdogs added to the studdog page.

Februari 21, 2010

With regret we report the sudden death of our oldest member Piet Smets from Heers. 
He has been loyal towards the Bouvier as a KNPV handler till the last day.