Family Bouvier Day!
 June 29, 2002

A Success!

Those are the good words for this bouvier day.
We do not normally name names, but for once we will make this exception.
A word of thanks for the people who organized this event Eric Reinhart and Rini Dalhuissen.  Those who have ever organized an event will realize what those people have done.
Together with lots of volunteers there was a complete spectacle.

Music, dancing, good food, lots of drinks, sponsors, atmosphere.... too much to mention.

So it was a very relaxing day where everybody who wanted
(or dared to) do something with his/her bouvier could.

There were competitors of
IPO, Belgian Ring, French Ring, Rescue Dog, Basic Certificate, KNPV....
It was even possible to give young dogs a chance to prove themselves....
And what has happened at night we leave that to you.