International Bouvier Day!
June 17, 2001
Dear Bouvier Lover,

Welcome at our first International Bouvier Day where you will meet the best and real Bouviers.  Real ones, because they are nearly outnumbered because of a bad breeding policy.  Fortunately, the Count of Flanders fights back.

In one year, we became a world-wide strong and motivated organization.

The real good character Bouvier - honest and healthy - has fortunately not disappeared.
This day is our proof of it.
It is our duty to continue in the right direction.
In friendship, mutual respect and cooperation.

The way will be long and difficult.  The fairy tales of breeders "character and beauty stuff" are still there.

Our vivid organization in there because of the work of so many volunteers.  From this place we say:  thank you.  The anonymous, supporters and donators: thanks.

The organization loves this powerful and fabulous animal.  The pride of Flanders!

Give us today a clear supporting signal!


A supporting signal they got!
On a cold, wet, windy day approximately 500 people came to attend
the first annual International Bouvier Day!
What a spectacular event!  Congratulations to everyone!



Willy Adriaenssens met Sam Tessa v 't Heukske, IPO 3 (m)
Ann de Belder met Urak v.d Barbierhoeve, IPO 3 (m)
Leo van Dorpe met Ragnar v Hercahof, IPO 3 (m)
Bertrand Stoop met Spik Dona v 't Heukske, IPO 3 (f)
Jan van de Sande met Wodan (f)

Varlet met Omer de la Saulaie Maraiche, IPO 2 (m)

Mondio Ring

Pascal Hecquet met Lucky le clos du Bruaysis, cat 2 (r)

Pascal Hecquet met Lewis le clos du Bruaysis, cat 3 (r)

French Ring

F. Lecaé met Moon v Assenrade, Ring 1 (f)

Belgian Ring

Geert Matthijs met Zdoerak v.d Woestenhoeve (m)
Steve Swerts met Zidan v.d Woestenhoeve (m)


Anton Timmers met Zigo King v Assenrade, PH1/PH2/Obj (r)
Marinus Dalhuisen met Tomba v Assenrade, PH1/PH2/Obj (r)
*Paul Tempelman met Shiba Gaby v.d Brabohoeve, PH1 (opleiding PH2) (f)
*Fokke Krottje met Enditsie Anka v.d Fokrohof (opleiding PH1) (r)
*Burt Beyer met Buster Anka v.d Fokrohof (opleiding PH1) (r)
*Hans v Schaik met Max v Assenrade (opleiding PH1) (r)
Harry van der Pasch met Timo v.d Dorpaschhoeve, PH1 (t)
Ari Hart met Loco, PH1 (m)
Marius Roelofswaard met Dreke's Basco (opleiding PH1) (r)
Eric Reinhart met Nona t' Greuske (opleiding reddingshond) (f)
Rink van der Wal met Syra v Wamich (opleiding PH1) (t)
Rink van der Wal met Dragon Shyrel v.d Good Looking Home (opleiding KNPV) (r)
Peter Senstius met Mistral Shunka v Caya's Home, PH1 (opleiding Object) (r)

*Denotes dogs that have gone on to earn their title

Note:  It is very hard to operate a still camera and a video camera.
Several dogs are available on video that did not have still pictures taken of them.
No dogs were intentionally left out.

Updated:  January 16, 2002